August 17, 2009

Clearing the Decks II

Not only did It get rid of stuff in my classroom this year, but I cut the files in my file cabinet almost in half. I'd migrated away from very many worksheets long ago, yet was still holding on to a ridonkulous amount of paper.

I hate copy machines, so had moved over to printing transparencies instead and using the overhead. I give each of my students a composition notebook at the beginning of the year and we fill them up with all of our work and writing.

Now with the ceiling-mounted projectors, I don't even need to print out transparencies. I can just bookmark things or create documents and show them on the big screen for everyone to see. There's so much online I don't see the point in keeping file folders full of "dittos" any longer.

And that's just the worksheets, which I don't even use that often anyway. Why did I have all those files of the "staff info" they dump on you at the beginning of every year? Our system is now adopting One Note as the place for everyone to pt all their files and I'm starting to get the staff involved in using so we can all share our favorite stuff--no paper needed!

They send out an email every year with the number of copies different departments are allowed and they keep track of each person and department by copy code numbers. I suggested a prize for the person who uses the lowest number, percentage-wise. Hope it catches on.