August 18, 2009

Tedd Arnold

My daughter has graduated to reading easy reading chapter books to anyone who will listen.

Her favorite subject matter is anything by Tedd Arnold, especially the Fly Guy books. They are fun, funny, gross and delightful. They're predictable, but not to "easy-readerish" if you know what I mean.

I don't know when it happened. Not long ago she was trying so hard to sound out some words in a picture book we were reading, and now she has no trouble with it. Then, she found a Fly Guy book on her own and read the whole thing, no problem. She owns a couple and I've gotten the rest from the library. There are still words she needs help with, but then there are still words I need help with in my reading too, so it's all good.

So thank you, Tedd Arnold, for Wilma and Parts and Fly Guy and all your wonderful boggly-eyed kids and creatures. While she's enjoying these, I want to kick back soon with your more "serious" book, Rat Life. It sounds great.


S said...

Tedd Arnold fans here too! Parts gets read nearly every day.

It's really cool when it all clicks and they just start reading. I'm still waiting for the "click" with my son, but since he loves to be read to, I know it will happen eventually. :)

Teacherninja said...

S, I know it'll happen for your son because I know how much you read out loud and how many books must be laying around your house from your blog postings. H. has books and magazines in the cars, by the toilets, but her bed and everywhere else. She knows they're the go to thing when there's no "screen time" and can't think of anything else to do right then.