November 30, 2009

Listening to Books

Neil Gaiman has a great little piece on NPR about his love of audio books. I love them too. I couldn't still be in my book club and be working on a graduate degree if it weren't for the occasional audio book to get me through.

"But you can read them faster than you can listen to them," my wife said. True, but not while driving, folding laundry, or doing other household chores.

Gaiman makes a great point about the importance of the right reader. It's true that it can be an issue. There are books that lend themselves to certain voices better than others. But on the whole I've been very happy. I still enjoy reading books, but I'm now a big fan of audio books as well. I'll be re-listening to Holidays On Ice for my book club this month. Sedaris is a master of the form.

By the way, Neil Gaiman will be here in the Atlanta area at my favorite children's book store. I recommend it--he's great live. Though I doubt I'll stand in what I imagine will be a very long line to get a book signed...

Actually, he won't be in that book store. Too many people are coming. They're holding it at the near by Agnes Scott campus. Check the link for details.