November 26, 2009


Thanks, Mom, for taking this picture of me being there to catch Harper as she took her first big leap off the diving board this summer.

I'm taking a big leap myself (hence the sporadic-at-best posting). I'm in the final four or five month push on my graduate program to be that coolest of all things: a teacher-librarian!

Thanks to all of my family, friends and neighbors for their support. Thanks to the great program and professors at UGA. Thanks especially to my cohort and the members of my teams. They rock my world.

Thanks to all of you who read, comment and inspire. I learn so much from you and it's great to be in this circle of bloggers, parents, teachers, and other teacher-librarians. It keeps me going and I hope to offer much more after graduation.

It's been a crazy year. A flood, a car wreck, all kinds of silliness.

It never stopped me for a moment because of all the wonderful people in my life.

Particularly, My Lovely Bride who makes it all possible and is the best partner, mom, teacher, and friend anyone could have.


Have a good one!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for being a wonderful son, father, husband, and great, interesting, person. We learn from you all the time. Happy Turkey Day!

Victoria said...

A big shout out for Harper jumping off the diving board! I love cool action photos of equally cool kids.

Best wishes on getting to that pinnacle of Teacher Librarydom (isn't that the term?).

Happy Thanksgiving to the best teacher's cool family!

Teacherninja said...

Thanks, Victoria, I think the correct term is the pinnacle of Geekdom!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Ms. Yingling said...

I hope that once you get the degree, you also get a job. Being a teacher librarian is the most exhausting thing I have ever done, but I love it. And since my children are older, I do have a little more time to read!

Teacherninja said...

Ms. Yingling:

I picture you magically riding your bike to and from work no-handed like some kind of Mary Poppins, a book covering your face the entire time. Ah, to read for enjoyment again will be a thrill. I know it'll be exhausting but it's worth it for libraries, my favorite places in the world.