December 11, 2009

Dear Diary...

From my six-year-old daughter's notebook (no, it's not a secret one):

"Dear Diury wi cant we got out to eat evryday."

Love that kid! A girl after my own heart.

Oh, and an update on the phantom fire alarm puller: whoever it was, they did it again yesterday (during lunches) and was finally caught. The administration has wisely kept his/her identity a secret due to some very angry people that may cause the unthinking weasel serious physical harm. A few parents nearly lost their jobs being late to work. Middle school kids on the route after ours got home as late as 6pm to frantic parents. I know it won't stay a secret forever, but until blood pressures lower, keeping mum is a good move.

Let's just say I'm sure glad it's Friday. Have a great weekend. Looks like I'll be going out for at least one meal...