December 9, 2009

I Give Up

So do all of America's experts, according to The Onion (NSFW). That is an awesome article.

I needed cheering up after a fire alarm being pulled right as the kids were coming in, ensuring mass chaos, and right as we were beginning bus call in the afternoon, ensuring more mass chaos.

Actually, I must say, it wasn't really that chaotic. Everyone was great. It was just generally sucky. It could turn out to be a problem with the alarm, but I'm betting on some goofball kid who I will continue to make up imaginary punishments for. Suspension won't be good enough. I was thinking having him (or her) call all the parents one at a time and profusely apologize. With around 1400 students that would take a while but I'm not sure it's draconian enough.

Leave your ideas in the comments. This should be fun. At least we don't have to worry about what all those pesky experts think.


doug0077 said...

Given today's schools, the fire alarm might be all the excitement the kids got today.

Be happy for them, Ninja.


Victoria said...

Well, since the fire department had to show up at the school...a punishment that fits the crime could be having the student show up at the fire department and wash the vehicles and prepare lunch for the time and effort spent by the fire fighters.

Michael Taylor said...

My nephew pulled the fire alarm at a church about ten minutes before a family wedding. We just never let him live it down. Every time we every hear and siren or alarm we look for him.

Teacherninja said...

Doug, Easy for you to say Mr. Snow Day! Hope you enjoyed it...

Victoria, Sounds good to me. S/he can wash mine as well!