January 8, 2010

Comment Challenge

If you like book blogs, particularly Kid Lit stuff, then head on over to MotherReader and sign up for the newest Comment Challenge. You promise to comment on five blogs a day (easy peasy) and you make bloggers happy, find friends, learn about books, and even qualify for prizes. There's already a growing list of signees, so finding 5 blogs a day to comment on should be a snap.

Come out, lurkers, and let us know what you like, what needs work, what you'd like to see, or just say o say Hi.


Tricia said...

I'm in, but my newly developed habit never lasts long. I tend to forget to click through from my reader. It was easier to comment when I only read a few blogs and read posts directly on the site. Now I have almost 300 blogs in my reader! And honestly, sometimes I just don't know what to write.

On another note, have I mentioned how glad I am you're here? No? Well, now I have!

Jim said...

300!?! Man, I'm always cutting from my feeds (probably because I'm always adding to them as well). As for not knowing what to write, I think it's ok to just say hi and maybe "good post" every once in a while. I feel the same thing when I read a long, multi-part review post that clearly took some time and work and there's not much to say other than, "Awesome!" but it let's them know you're there, I guess.


Mary Lee said...

You gave me permission, so:


(And ditto what Tricia said -- glad you're here!)

Jim said...

Hi! You guys (Trish AND Mary Lee AND Franki) are great, thank you!

Beth said...

Hello! I'm here on the comment challenge, although your blog was listed as teacherninja.net on MotherReader's challenge page. Yet my powerful ninja-like web powers got me to your page anyway, inspired by your blog name.

My eleven year old is a still a big Fly Guy fan; maybe I should see if he'd like the Bad Kitty books as well. I encourage him to read all over the reading level spectrum -- no book too big! no book too small.

Brimful Curiosities said...

Visiting by way of the comment challenge. Lurked around a bit and also commented on your "bookmarking" post.

madelynruth said...

Urgh. I'm not finding this easy peasy at all! (I think the main reason is that when I visit a blog I like to read more than just a few quick posts to get a feel for the blog, and when I go beyond that, five a day is taking a loooonnng time.) But it is great to know who's out there. I am considering my horizons broadened!

Richard Hanks said...

I am 5 days in and loving it so far, so many great posts and comments. My blog has never been so busy (thanks for your comment!)

Let's hope we can all keep it going.

Jim said...

Beth, thanks--I signed up again.

Everyone else, thanks for the comments and enjoy the challenge!