January 31, 2010

Critical Thinking Sunday

From Jorge Cham's PHD Comics (via PZ).

and finally, the Smart Mudflap Sticker:


Christine said...

Thank you for including the Smart Mudflap Sticker in this post! I love it, and I'm about to go order a half dozen or so to slip into Valentine's cards for some of my friends.

Rachel said...

I'm gonna have to repost the poll comic. Brilliant.

Jen Robinson said...

Having taken several statistics classes over the years, I love the poll comic! Thanks for sharing it.

Jim said...


Great idea!


Go for it, just don't forget to link back to the creator.


I wish everyone in the media was required to take those classes! Thanks.

a. fortis said...

What a great post--love the sticker and the comic both!

Michael Taylor said...

Sorry, Rachel had logged in with my computer. I thought I was responding as me and didn't realize the mistake until after a few other blog responses.

Jim said...

a. fortis,

I figured as much, thanks