January 30, 2010

Living Sunlight

One of the treats of this comment challenge was I won a free book in a blog give away! Loree Burns got two of these and I won the drawing. I never win anything!

It's lovely. I'm always trying to get across to my students (and fellow teachers) that everything is connected. "Math" and "Science and "Art" might be separate subjects in school, but in the real world it all flows together.

With it's gorgeous impressionistic artwork by Molly Bang and informative science by Penny Chisholm, this is a perfect example of putting it all together.

I mean, this is about photosynthesis, so it's a great example how everything is connected all by itself. But far from being a dry informational exploration of this, we get the facts along with the wide-ranging implications of how, well, everything is connected, by sunlight and plants and photosynthesis and more.

My daughter has already commandeered it and plopped it on her shelf. High praise indeed. (Hope she doesn't notice when I steal it to share with my students...)