January 17, 2010

Haiti Is a Crisis of Poverty

Yes, the earthquake was bad, but we had a similar size quake hit L.A. more 16 years ago and only 72 people died. That's because we have the money and expertise to build right. I'll never complain about a boring zoning meeting again.

The cure for Haiti, after the immediate disaster relief, is to begin to alleviate their poverty and to somehow help them to strengthen their own government. They need building codes and zoning laws and infrastructure. Maybe they can't; I don't know.

But right now they need help. Desperately. CARE was already on the ground in Haiti and has continuing updates on their blog. They're a strong organization based here out of Atlanta. My wife is spearheading the collection efforts hat her school with the proceeds going to CARE as well.

Other organizations are great for different reasons--particularly immediate catastrophe relief. But who will be there 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years from now? Care.