January 18, 2010

It's Hard to Care

About the book awards today, I mean.

There's this and this and now this burning in my brain.

And it's hard to care about blogging or education/technology when I read something like this.

Sorry for being so morose today.

I spent an hour or more clicking on Motherreader's list of links for the comment challenge but so many blogs are blogging about the same exact things and they seem so into these book awards that it all becomes a blur. Too many exclamation points, silly "book challenges," blog "bling," requests for ARCs and too many Amazon affiliations all in a row.

So I deleted my Amazon link. (I wasn't making anything off of it anyway.) And I love the "Kidlitoshpere" and will keep a link on my blog but I'm deleting the tag.* I don't feel like I blog enough about kid's book right now to deserve it. I'll keep up with the comment challenge because I actually do enjoy some of these blogs and like the habit of trying to comment on other blogs. And maybe I'll get more involved when I become a school librarian.

But, yeah. I'm not in the right place right now to be too excited about much.

I'll try to look for something silly and fun to post about soon to get me out of my Eeyore-like mope.
*update: Kidlitosphere banner back, with plans for some more frequent kid lit. posts. Thank you all for your positive comments!

(image cc flickr)