January 17, 2010

Is Not Public Education and Too Big and Too Important to Fail?

I usually avoid the "HuffPo," but Stephen Krashen forwarded this in his newsletter this morning and it's a good analysis of this "Race to the Top" nonsense by Chris Prevatt:

"The RTTT initiative provides $4.5 billion nationally for qualifying states. California may be eligible for up to $700 million. Based on projected estimates, for many districts this would mean eligibility to receive one-time funds equaling about 1-2% of the average operating budget over the next two to four years. So while the RTTT has been 'sold' as a major game-changing investment or "bailout" of public schools, local school districts know better.

So while Wall Street was given hundreds of billions of dollars with little to no conditions, schools are offered a fraction of the Wall Street monies with restrictive and costly mandates. Is not public education too big and too important to fail?"

There's much more so go over and give it a look-see.

Oh, and to get rid of all the nonsense, you should really install Readability. It has made my online browsing life much easier on the eyes.