January 15, 2010

Open Book Test, Mind You...

Question: Why was the House of Burgesses important?

Answer: "It is where they ate. It was before House of Pancakes."


Caroline said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to eat at an IHOP.

But the real reason I came here was to thank you for the "Live every week like it's Shark Week comment." It's something I have to remember!

lgburns said...

Hey, Jim,

I wanted to let you know you won the LIVING SUNLIGHT raffle on my blog. (Don't know if you realize you entered by commenting on the raffle post earlier in the week!?)

Drop me an email at lgb (at) loreeburns (dot) com and let me know where you'd like me to send the book!

All best,

Jim said...


I don't even watch 30 Rock regularly, but that quote has always stuck with me. I've even seen t-shirts online with that quote. Thanks for commenting.




ahundredrevisions said...

Do Burgesses taste good with maple syrup?