March 28, 2010

Critical Thinking Sunday

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Don't Mess With Textbooks
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Sceptic challenges guru to kill him on live TV from TimesOnline
(tip to Norm)

Don't believe the star ratings at Amazon. Book bullying with Amazon Stars. Creationists use the same tactic on evolutionary biology books. Best strategy: ignore amazon reviewers and read the paid professionals.

And the best way to raise a critical thinker? Read together. A Father-Daughter Bond, Page by Page


C.B. James said...

Enjoyed the video and the Amazon one-star article.

I wonder how the Texas textbook issue will play into Obama's drive for a set of national standards. I've heard that many of the states have already begun to set uniform standards for education. I've a feeling the may end up doing an end-run around the Texas textbook committee.

Sure, Texas buys a lot of text books, but California and New York buy more. If they get together with a bunch of other states Texas will be the one that has to buy a book someone else set the standards for.

Say what you will about education in California, and there is plenty to say, the standards here are very, very high.

Jim (Teacherninja) said...


I hate the idea of Nsat. Standards, but I think I might hate it less than what TX is doing. We need to use more digital tools and beef up our library collections and just quit buying stupid textbooks anyway. Quit giving TX that much power.


Victoria said...

I love the analogy he gave about standing up to the experts. Maybe the idea of chocolate swayed me.

Jim (Teacherninja) said...


Yeah, humor is the best defense against these morons.