March 28, 2010

Today in Teacherninja History

Today, 28 March, was the birthday in 1905 of Marlin Perkins, zoologist and teacherninja, best known by my brother and I as avid watchers of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. We loved that show!

It was the birthday in 1910, of Frederick Baldwin Adams, Jr., bibliophile, teacherninja and director of the Morgan Library in New York City. Apparently he had the largest personal collections of Thomas Hardy, Robert Frost and Karl Marx works. You gotta love a book nerd.

It's also the birthday of American philosopher and teacherninja Daniel Dennett who wrote the lovely essay, "Thank Goodness!" after a brush with death in 2006. Glad you're still with us Dan!

Today will also mark the 7th birthday party of my daughter, Harper Santana Randolph. So let the craziness ensue!

There's actually a connection here, now that I think about it. Like I said, my brother and I were avid watchers of Marlin Perkins and loved being outdoors as kids. Now Harper also loves these kind of shows and books and wants a "Lanie" American Girl doll for her birthday "because she's a nature girl too." Shhhh, don't tell but we got her one.