March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Harper!

"Camping Party"
As "Trixie"
As Wonder Woman!
Wow!  You have had some great birthday parties, daughter of mine.  That's because your mom is an amazing party planner.  When you were 5, you wanted a "camping party" because you had discovered the joys of hiking.  There was a map everyone had to follow and all kinds of treasures to find.  The pinata was a bear cannister.  In the picture above you are crossing the driveway "river."  The cake had a little tent on it.

When you were 6 you wanted a storybook character dress up party.  There was a kid dressed as Cinderella and there was a Cat In the Hat and a Harry Potter and more.  You went as Trixie from a favorite picture book that I thought was more well-known at the time. Too bad for me because you had me go as the 2:00am daddy and the other parents just thought I was a loony unshaven guy in his jammies.  A month later we met Mo Willems himself and it cracked him up.  He even mentioned it on his blog.  The pinata was a princess castle. You had book-covered cupcakes, kids jumping over candlesticks and throwing cows over the moon and we went on a Wild Rumpus.

But wait, there's more.  This year you wanted a superhero party!  We had kids dressed as Mr. Incredible and transformers and Superman and Batgirl and you, of course were rocking that Wonder Woman outfit with the special-ordered real Wonder Woman boots!  The pinata was a big red, white and blue star and the Wonder Woman cake was cool.  Luckily, the weather cleared just in time!  We performed "Feats of Strength" and instead of Pin-the-Tail on the donkey, we had Pin the "KaPow!" on Cat Woman!  This time I got even more suspicious looks from the other parents because I had to be the Super Villian.  I wore a black suit with an eyepatch and my sling.  I cradled a pet skunk (stuffed) and cackled while I dared you and your other hero friends to just try and find all the stolen gold (chocolate) coins I had hidden (among other things) somewhere in the back yard with poisonous (rubber) snakes guarding them!

What a hoot!  It was a crazy amount of work, but it sure was fun and you're totally worth it.

Happy 7th!