March 18, 2010

The Manly SWEATY Doll Blogger Award!

Last month I was nominated for one of those silly internet meme awards. I am apparently a Fabulous Sugar Doll. The guys over at Boys Rule Boys Read! blog re-purposed it into the Manly SWEATY Doll Blogger Award! Now it has come back around to me in it's newer, smellier incarnation by Peaceful Reader. I'm touched. Really. (In a totally manly way).

I am to answer at least four of the following questions: Tell a couple of things about yourself, the name of your favorite guy book, your favorite sports moment, favorite MANLY MAN movie, favorite manly music, and your Favorite Food with No Nutritional Value.

It's on!

1. I once tied in a swimming race with a guy that went on to swim in the Olympics.
2. I've done something all manly men should do at a certain point in their lives: get a vasectomy!
3. Favorite Guy Book: Moby Dick! Not only is it incredibly manly, Melville puts all the many men in a boat and sends them off to sea for most of the book so he doesn't even have to bother writing about women at all!
4. Favorite Sports Moment: this one: manly! And from the most recent Super Bowl!
5. Favorite Manly Man movie: The Man Who Would Be King! Sean Connery! and Michael Caine! take over all of Afghanistan! (well, before their eventual--but still manly!--downfall)
6. Favorite Manly Music: is there anything manlier than the YMCA!?
7. Favorite Food with No Nutritional Value: Pop-Tarts! But in my manly haste, I often just eat them raw...

If you are reading this, have a blog, and have not already done so; then you, my friend, have just been tagged to participate in this sweaty manliness! Grr!


Victoria said...

I see that Sean Connery appears in the two blogs of this Sweaty Manly Award. Swoon

Jim said...


I knew some girls in college that thought he was a hottie, but hadn't seen any of the James Bond flicks. I showed them one and they thought he was better looking as an old dude!

Peaceful Reader said...

I love Sean Connery better as an older man as well. I'm glad you took the whole award thing so well-very manly of you!

Ms. Yingling said...

Wow. This gives a whole new meaning to "it's a small world".

Jim said...

Ms. Y:

I'm guessing the number of people who care about kids books and blog and respond to memes and want to respond to a sweaty, manly meme...well, it probably IS a small world!