March 18, 2010

Paralympians Are Awesome & Other Links

My lack of use of my right paw is nothing compared to what some of these Paralympians have, and they're winning medals! What an inspiring collection of photos. Just awesome.

Other links:

Watch this video of the fashion-challenged but forward thinking Howard Rheingold (via Tim, about 24 minutes long). He wrote up these ideas last summer in an article called "Crap Detection 101," a good summary of why we need to be teaching critical thinking more than ever.

A good pairing with Michael Shermer's summary of Carl Sagan's idea of the Baloney-Detection Kit.

And the rudeness of people asking me about my cast has reminded me of the complete lack of manners people have when expressing their opinions about one's child raising decisions. Two posts from the always interesting Rational Moms this week were things we had to deal with (and still do, in one case) as new parents: having one child and bottle feeding. You may have strong opinions on these subjects yourself, but unless you're asked? You should keep them to yourself. You can never know all the factors and reasons behind decisions like these. Trust me, there's a whole bunch of stuff I have questions about and will be more than happy to ask for opinions on. But having more kids ain't one of 'em.