March 17, 2010

Broken Update

Now I can type. Mostly. I got that extremely long and tight splint and that annoying sling off today and am now sporting a short black fiberglass cast with much more finger movement possible. My thumb is out as well, but every time I forget and try to use it I end up in nauseating agony, so even when I'm healed I'll probably be walking around like I'm hitchhiking, afraid to use that opposable digit.

Thanks for all the well-wishes!

Most of you got the joke about me asking my wife to type up my graduate work, but just to clarify, I never asked and she, of course, offered. The "I highly object" quote was from a friend who regularly has us snorting liquids through our nostrils with her funny and snarky emails.

I won't even mention the suggestions my brother gave me regarding the use of my right hand. I'm sure you can imagine and maybe you're better off if you can't.

Might have to teach some stuff about bones next week with my students. Let's see...

I've got the Seymour Simon and, of course this Aliki (love her), and our school library has Monster Bones, but I'll definitely be looking for more.

My friend Michael sent me a link to this one-handed keyboard but I already linked to a much simpler one created for pirates. I know I'm a ninja and all, but they might take my ninja card for this un-ninja like broken arm thing...

(image cc buildscharacter)


Michael Taylor said...

Love the pirate keyboard! I'll have to install it before Sept, 19th.

Mary Lee said...

Me, too! (Love pirate keyboard!)

I also love your "arm wrestled your teacher and lost" story. I have to wear a compression sleeve on my left arm and rather than bore you and all my students with the real reason, it is simply my "super power regeneration device" if you forget your manners and ask me what's that thing on my arm. Fiction is WAY more fun than the truth!

Jim said...


Mary Lee,
Yes, people can definitely be rude. After the arm-wrestling joke some people are like, "No, really. What happened?" Like they deserve to know every boring detail. Sometimes I say "I fell," but other times I just smile pityingly and leave.