May 2, 2010

My Moment In Time

Harper reading Wonder Woman at 11:00am 2 May 2010

This is the photo I took for the NYT project. Anyone else participate?


Victoria said...

Great photo of Harper. She was a bit miffed with A. on Friday for not letting her wear her Wonder Woman boots. I asked Harper if she brought her Invisible Jet. She didn't know that Wonder Woman had one, so I told her to ask A. to requistion one immediately. I'm pretty sure the up keep isn't too expensive.

klonghall said...

Love the photo of Harper! I just submitted mine. It's not nearly as cool, but it documents where I was at 11:00. I'm excited to see the other pictures. Cool idea.

Jim (Teacherninja) said...


How did she forget about the invisible jet? Sheesh. And she DID wear the boots for awhile, but just not for PE!

It was a cool idea. Can wait to look through all the rest.