May 5, 2010

Dealing with the Haters

Those hateful crazies at the Wesboro Baptist "Church" are going to be protesting around Atlanta the next couple of days.  Our own Maureen Downy suggests ignoring them: "We should step over them like vomit on the street."  I understand that response.  But it hasn't worked in the past.

There are other, maybe better ways.  Jason Connell used a visit at his college to raise money for charities.

And the students at Gunn High school in the Bay Area turned it into a moving tribute of love and humanity.

Good luck Atlanta.  Here's to love.


Victoria said...

Someone might want to send a link to the Westboro Baptist Church with a link to the Carol Tavris interview with DJ Grothe. There church is helping polarize communities. If their version of heaven includes them and their attitudes my guess is that folks wouldn't mind the alternative.

literarywife said...

I must apologize on behalf of all Kansas residents and Christians alike. Please don't let these crazies taint your view of Kansans!

Lori W. said...

The video of the Gunn students is so cool. Thanks for sharing. Love how the community came together to support the students and help them model a better kind of protest.

Jim Randolph said...

I'll check out the interview. I did hear on the radio that some Atlantans took the raise money for charities approach.

Don't worry, those nutbags are so far off the grid it's hard to associate them with anyone else. Thanks.

Lori W.,
Yes indeed. A lesson to us all. Thanks!