May 8, 2010

My New Library!

Haven't been blogging much because I'm in the middle of shifting a lot of gears.  Being finished with grad school has been a strange experience.  I thrived on it and while I'm extremely pleased to be finished, I'm already missing it in some ways.

But I've enjoyed the last week with these two people I've been told are my family.  Nice to get to know them again!

I think the transition from my grad school self to my librarian self is best summed up by My Lovely Bride who has changed my nickname.  While in grad school I mentioned how I seemed to always have my hand up and have something to say in class, so she called me Hermione.

Now it's Marion, Madam Librarian.

Nice.  (I guess it's just as well she hasn't seen this clip!)

The video above is a brief glimpse at the library I'm inheriting.  I could go on at length about what I see here, but I won't (for now).  Feel free to add any comments or suggestions!

I do, however, want to go on at a bit of length at the wonderfulness of my predecessor.  Leanette Spencer graduated from the same program at UGA I am graduating from and has worked incredibly hard to make some vast improvements in access and teaching in this little library.  She's moving on to open up a beautiful new facility in the same district and I'm so happy to have her as a colleague and new friend.  She is doing amazing things to ensure a smooth transition and I know not everyone is as lucky as I am to have someone like this making such a great effort.  She's even offered to meet me over the summer in the library to help me in any way I may need!  Our principals gave us permission to spend the day together yesterday and it was, to this nerd, much like when Picard got to hang out with Kirk.  Two captains of the Enterprise geeking out over the opportunities and unique challenges afforded only to them.  It's been a pleasure getting to know her and will be an honor following her example.