June 22, 2010

Done With 3D

Went with my girls to see Toy Story 3 today.  It was fantastic, of course, but I think it was our last 3D movie.  I didn't realize when we snagged the tickets online that you could choose to see it in 3D or 2D and since we don't go to the theater often, were cool with ponying up for the 3D experience.

I realized a great movie will be just as good without the 3D stuff (as this one was) and a mediocre film isn't much improved by the effect.  I remember hearing a story once that the band Aerosmith would take a tape of an album they were working on and play it in a old, crappy car stereo figuring that if it sounded decent in there, it would sound good anywhere.  It's the same with movies.  If it needs 3D to sell tickets, then it's probably not very good.  Pixar movies are excellent in every way, even without some extra artificial "dimension."

Roger Ebert has thought about this much more than I have and I always recommend taking him into consideration.  This isn't about being against the new popular trend.  It's just an instance of noticing that the emperor needs some new threads.

Why I Hate 3-D (And You Should Too) by Roger Ebert


Victoria said...

True. Michael told me to skip the 3D version of Shrek when I took Eve because it was unnecessary. He had taken Noah a couple of weeks prior and they saw the 3D version. He said the elements did not garner the additional money. Now to convince Noah.

Jim Randolph said...

Tell Noah he can pay the difference (for everyone) if he thinks it's worth it. He'll quickly learn it isn't!

doug0077 said...

My 4-year-old grandson refuses to wear the glasses so he sees these movie in FUZZY-D!

We tend to go to the 2D version as well.


Jim Randolph said...


That's funny. My little one still like wearing hers around the house. Thinks they're cool. Weird kid.

Michael Taylor said...

The only movie I've ever seen where the 3d actually made the movie better was "Up". But that movie completely stands on it's own in 2D.
I just thought the 3D added to the vertigo.

I think 3D can enhance and already great story but the gimick alone cannot salvage a bad story, case and point "Avitar".

Jim Randolph said...


I agree. I saw and loved Up and it was nice in 3D, but I don't think it was worth the premium. And I didn't even bother to see Avatar. I'd already seen Dances With Wolves and Ferngully before.