June 17, 2010

It's Summertime and the Reading is Easy...

I was going to start off saying I'm sorry for not posting, but I'm really not.  I'm enjoying my summer and I hope you are as well.  I'm finishing up a couple of professional titles I hope to be posting on soon, but this week I had a couple days of in-services and I have family visiting for a number of so and doubt I'll get much screen time.

I don't get out much, so don't be surprised when I say I saw my first Kindle and iPad out in the wild this week.  Today I took my daughter to her swim team thingee and couldn't help doing the scout out for readers.  Is there a name for this move?  You know the one.  When you're walking down the aisle on a plane, bus or train and you're checking out all the books people are carrying or reading.  It was moderately busy at the pool so I did that today.

Young boy next to me was engrossed in The Melted Coins, a Hardy Boys mystery.  I seriously doubt that's on a summer reading list, but you never know.  There was a dad enjoying an old copy of Prince Caspian which was interesting.  A woman was reading the actual physical newspaper (which I don't think I've done in four or five years).  Little kid next to her had a picture book.  A tweenaged girl was reading a book called Lola at the Library to her little sister.  A woman was reading a hardback novel.  The woman next to her was reading a trade paper nonfiction health title.

There was a woman across the pool reading what looked like a Kindle in a case, but she seemed pretty paranoid when the kids came around all wet and dripping and kept wrapping it up in a thick towel.  A guy sat down next to me with an iPad and played a few hands of solitaire.  A kid at another table was playing it the old fashioned way, with a deck of cards.  I wonder which one would have been more chapped if they got splashed?

I was switching between my nonfiction professional book and my audio fiction book.

My daughter finished a Magic Tree House book she's been reading when we got home.

Tonight I go to my book club to discuss Plainsong, among other things.

Enjoy your summer reading!


Ms. Yingling said...

It's SOOO hard to blog in the summer! We'll all be back in the fall. If you had seen me out, I would have been the one with the actual paper newspaper (i'm hopelessly addicted and dreading the death of it) and Appetite For America, about Fred Harvey. I do keep up my reading, just don't post as much. Hope you are getting ready for your new library this fall!

Jim Randolph said...

I'm getting caught up on reading and definitely getting ready for the new library!


Jacquie said...

Can't wait to be in the same boat! We have one more agonizing week. Kids are in exams, so I am doing the boring, but necessary job of weeding. Look for a new "mentoring" post regarding weeding in a digital age.

Christine said...

With three kids on swim team, I do a lot of book cover peeking at meets. If your daughter is into swimming, I can't recommend America's Champion Swimmer, a picture book about Gertrude Ederle, highly enough!

Nancy said...

That could have been my mom reading on her Kindle at the pool, except the pool is here in Athens. Anthony is plowing through the Junie B. Jones and Cam Jansen series this summer and I'm reading aloud Roald Dahl's "Going Solo." I'm reading "Las Chicas Temerarias," chick lit in Spanish - perfect poolside fare for me.

Joel said...

great post -- summer reading for us means switching libraries from the close to school one to the close to park/pool one, trading in one stack of books for a new one... Enjoy your summer!

Jim Randolph said...


Always love the mentoring posts!


She just likes to swim with her friends. She's not really into the whole competitive scene. But I'll check that out for my own library!


Harper is reading Magic Treehouse and Franny K. Stein books, we just finished Dahl's BFG aloud and my poolside is Kim Stanley Robinson's Red Mars...


Sounds perfect!

Enjoy your summers indeed!