June 25, 2010

New On the Job

Terrible cover, but this is a good solid overview of the stuff you need to be aware of going into your first year as a school librarian.  I hope they update it in the next year or two but it's not way out of date or anything.  It's short, sweet and full of all the things you need to at least be aware of for year one.

I especially like that they make you think of your philosophy/vision first and base everything from there.  Keeps you focused.  It's a good handbook for getting and keeping organized, advocating your practice, and general grounding information.

I'll definitely be referring to it for advice often when the crazy hits!

New On the Job by Ruth Toor and Hilda Weisburg


shannon said...

are you nervous/excited about the new job? or are you ninja calm? i remember i was so anxious during pre-planning.

i had this huge list of things i wanted to do this summer to help me be better prepared come august. how many have i done? zero. zilch. but there's still time left.

hope all is well.

Jim Randolph said...

I'm freaking, of course, but also trying to enjoy my summer. The previous librarian has been amazing in meeting me multiple times at the un-airconditioned site and going over lots of stuff with me. I need to kick my own ass and start lesson planning (I'll have two specials a day) and making my orientation slide shows and whatnot.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks, man!