July 3, 2010

Summer. Flying By.

Haven't been posting, but I'm trying to not do too much and simultaneously get stuff done.  I know.  I'm forcing myself to read something fun so I don't spend all of my time obsessing about the new job.  I'm also playing with the seven-year old, swimming lots and saying yes to nearly every treat request.  Ah, summer.

But I'm still staying in contact with my library predecessor and she's answering lots of questions.  I need to remember to be that incredibly cool if I ever transition to another position.  We spent a day earlier this week going over stuff and she had to teach me how to tackle the damnable laminating machine.  Someone had tangled it up nicely and I now have an intimate knowledge of how to dismantle, untangle, and generally keep up that thing.  I also learned where most everything is and have even begun straightening (and a slight bit of weeding) just do I can kinda get a feel for what all is there.

She made me a great two-page school library opening checklist document.  That thing is the bomb.  I just hope I can juggle it all and look like I know what I'm doing, even though I really don't.

Still haven't met the new principal (but I've heard good things).  I also haven't met more than two or three teachers.  But I've gotten to know the custodial staff and they've been great.  I think they like me because  they know I was an ESOL teacher and they're all English Language Learners.  Dimitri is in charge and he's like this wise Yoda character for me.  I was talking to my predecessor about something and mentioned what they had said about it in my graduate program.  "There is college and it is good," he said.  "Then there is the real world and it is also good."  He squinted.  "They are not the same."