September 2, 2010

Books vs. E-Readers

Of Two Minds About Books from the NYT.

See, I don't have a problem with e-readers. I don't understand people who have a problem with them.  Maybe it's because I've seen Star Trek and know that captains of the Enterprise will still be reading Shakespeare in bound books. (Though I have heard reports from one of my favorite independent booksellers that people with e-readers can be pretty obnoxious about looking through the stacks and checking to see if the book is available on their e-reader).  I'm even quite tempted by the new Kindle at that fabulous new low price.  But the two things that have convinced me that I personally don't need one is the line "Walking to the library is still the most ecofriendly way to read" in the above poster and this article from the WSJ that makes me realize they're not really economical.  At least for me.  I mean I really can walk to my local library.  And it's nice.  And I just became a librarian for crying out loud, so I have plenty of books to read from my own school.  I have no excuse!

Although I have taken to reading Treasure Island on My Lovely Bride's iPad.  That's kinda fun...


Ms. Yingling said...

Not the Kindle, although it has text-to-speech capabilities. You want something you can use for pdf files. I have been tempted, too, but think about how long it takes for schools to get new technology.

kiri8 said...

I've never been interested in an ebook reader, but it occurs to me that having one in my purse for times when I get stuck in line would be really nice. Everytime I put a real book in my purse it is too heavy, doesn't fit, or gets wrecked by all the other stuff in there. E-readers are nice and slim and sturdy.

Jim Randolph said...

Ms. Yingling,

Yeah, I didn't even get a DVD player until the video store was carrying mostly DVDs. I probably won't get an ereader unless it becomes the norm somehow.

You can download a Kindle app on a smartphone for free and read off your phone. Of course, I don't have a smart phone either. But I guess my man bag is bigger than you purse because I almost always have a book or magazine in there.