September 3, 2010

Librarian: Week Four.

Set up an Aliki display because she's awesome and it's her birthday this week.

Made a Civil War website for 5th grade to use.  Made a page of booklists based on requests I've gotten.  So whenever someone asks me to gather a list of something like "books with strong imagery" I won't have to reinvent that wheel if someone else asks again down the road.

Doug Johnson put me on his list of "Thought Leaders in School Libraryland!"  I was honored and humbled.  I added Mary Ann Fitzgerald to the list.  Someone posted that "it's nice to see two UGA folks on the list" on the state library listserv.  They meant Mary Ann and Buffy Hamilton.  So Doug Johnson and some other big national folks know me, but people from my own state don't despite a monthly posting on the Georgia Library Media Association web site.  Sigh.  It's okay.  It gives me inspiration and something to shoot for.

Had a crazy week with much of it devoted to filming twenty-minute segments of the final three nominees for Teacher of the Year at our school.  I edited them together with titles between each one to play continuously next week so the staff can watch them and vote on the final winner.  There was so much more that went into this project than I expected and now I"m behind on a bunch of stuff, but that's one of the things I love about this job--it's different every day with new and different problems to solve.

Had to leave for half a day to go to our mothership of a head office for a media specialist "mentor/mentee" meeting where I was given an intimidating Evaluation binder.  So I have that to go through to make sure I'm doing what I need to be doing.

This morning I shuttled between our first Reader's Rally team meeting and a gathering of parent volunteer Guest Readers who will be coming the first Friday of every month to grab some books and read out loud to one of the classes in the building.  They mostly grabbed stuff off my Aliki and Summer displays.  I had sold a few recommended titles and will have a better selection next month.  I went ahead afterwards and changed out the Summer display to an Autumn one.

More book reviews soon.  Almost finished with Mokingjay.  And I'm reading Bud, Not Buddy for the second time (to help come up with Reader's Rally questions).  It's funnier than I remembered (which is good, because Mockingjay is so not).

Have a great Labor Day weekend.  I'll be spending mine with a whole bunch of awesome geeks.