September 13, 2010

Image Linkage

Literary mash-ups gone bad
Great haiku!

Both of the above images were blatantly re-posted from Baby Got Books.

Labyrinth jokes crack me up.

No comment.

Both of these images blatantly re-posted from lookatthisfrakkinggeekster.

I obviously have no shame.


Ms. Yingling said...

Sadly, the vampire book probably comes out in the spring.

Nancy said...

Vampires are everywhere.

Do you know Hank the Cowdog? Anthony LOVES these books - they're exactly suited to his sense of humor. Can you tell me something else that's pretty much guaranteed to make a 7-year-old laugh?

Jim Randolph said...


LOVE me some Hank the Cowdog. Funny? Junie B. Jones, anything by Mo Willems, John Sciezcka, David Shannon, or Dav Pilkey. The Best School Year Ever. The Time Warp Trio! Wayside School. Dan Gutman has a series called "My Weird School" which seems popular and looks funny.

Nancy said...

Awesome! Thanks a lot.