September 17, 2010

My Little Mythbuster

Home with a streppy seven-year-old and enjoying our jammies day.  We were just having a Head Rush (an incarnation of Mythbusters for kids) marathon and I remembered something that happened last week.

A friend of ours was telling a hilarious story of her getting stuck in a new building's elevator (don't worry, it was only two stories and the story ends well).  She contemplated various scenarios of how this could play out and wondered what would happen if the elevator car plummeted to the bottom of the shaft.  Should she jump at the last minute?  She'd heard that would save her from injury but doubted she was co-ordinated enough to pull this off, so figured she was doomed.

"That myth was busted!" piped up my daughter.  It was awesome!

She went on to relate how Adam and Jamie of Mythbusters had tested this by dropping an elevator car in an abandoned building.  Jumping or not jumping wouldn't help you, it turned out.  You're still just falling really fast and would probably get squashed.

Although, this outcome would have been doubtful for our friend since she was stuck only one or two stories up and modern elevators have way more safety features.  They don't just dangle on a cable anymore, so you're unlikely to ever have to deal with this eventuality.

My little mythbuster!

Okay, back to making home-made popsicles and lounging in our jammies...

Head Rush

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Victoria said...

Cute with brains! She has it all! I hope she is feeling better.