November 14, 2010

Maybe I should explain this photo...

So this was taken during our morning broadcast on October 29th.  It was the Friday right before the Halloween weekend and my crew and I decided to have some fun.  The show starts with two anchors, then cuts to an administrator for some announcements, then back to the anchors for a couple of things and a sign-off.  

While the administrator was talking, one of the anchors covered himself in some extra green screen sheeting I had laying around.  To us in the broadcast room, the picture above what it looked like.  To those watching in their classrooms it looked as if only one anchor were present in a newsrom.  He said his line, then the other guy's came from nowhere.  He had to act as if he didn't realize this weirdo in a green sheet was standing right next to him.  When he asked where the voice was coming from, his friend pulled down the sheet and announced that he had "a magical invisible cloak.  Mwa-ha-ha-ha!"

Green screen technology.  Not always necessary, but it sure can be fun.