January 12, 2011

Dear Self: Shut Your Piehole

A post yesterday questioned why people would post long lists of who won what at recent children's lit. award ceremonies when their readers are probably already aware of these lists and at any rate can look up the list on the official website.

Some thoughtful commenters have given me my answer:

Firstly, many people like to make lists and compare it against what they themselves have read.

As a librarian I cannot say anything against anyone's list-making desires!  I love me some lists.  I myself use Goodreads to keep track of what I read.  While I blog about much of it, I never considered using my blog as a way to actually keep track of my reading.  D'oh.

Secondly, (and more to the point, I might add) people can put whatever they want to on their blog!  It's their blog, you goofball!  (This might have been communicated more politely, but that's how they should have put it.)

Right indeed.  I don't think there is any more to be said.

In my defense, I am embarking on my THIRD DAY trapped in the house due to a winter storm.  In Atlanta, of all places.  I'm getting a bit punchy.

I told my girls yesterday that it's a good thing I liked them.  I can't imagine this if I were cooped up with people I didn't like.  And we may be out the rest of the week!

I'll get back to my reading and list-making...


Beth said...

I didn't think you were mean. Maybe a bit curmudgeonly at worst. I took it as an honest question -- why would people post just a list? Sometimes I do just that, so I liked thinking about why.

Here in Seattle we just got a tiny little snowfall, but it only delays school 90 minutes, which I like because that means we won't make up days in the summer. No cabin fever, just extra sleep.

Peaceful Reader said...

I like late start days also-makes the day go so much faster when you start school two hours late. Crazy to be snowed in, in Atlanta. We have lots of snow but are expected to keep moving about. It is true you should be able to post lists or whatever your heart's desire is on your own blog, even if other's may view it as redundant. Sometime sarcasm can be witty and you did that just fine!

lsmurphy.com said...

I use Goodreads for the same reason. I've noticed a lot of people use the lists so they can make their own opinion clear. And that's cool. I'm down with that. :)