January 13, 2011

Freshwater Firing: A Sigh of Relief

This is good news indeed: John Freshwater has been fired.

I'm just sad my childhood school system had to spend over $900,000 to fire this ignorant bully.  Ignorant because of his creationism and a bully because of his burning a student with Tesla coils (the act he was actually fired for).

I wish that money could have been spent on good science books and equipment instead of a legal action against a creationist blowhard.

Hope there's a lesson learned here for other school districts!


Beverly said...

I am thrilled that he no longer has the opportunity to inflict pain on more students! What a shame - I have always believed that school should be the safe place that some children don't have anywhere else. I am amazed that it took so much money to right the wrong that he was doing. I too hope that others learn from this.

Ms. Yingling said...

You'll be glad to know that the Columbus Dispatch ran an article about how the law concerning the way teachers are investigated may change because of this. Didn't know you grew up so close to where I am!

Michael Taylor said...

I can't believe that it took them two years to fire hime for BRANDING a child. If he'd have branded anythign besides a cross he'd have been gone the next day.

Jim Randolph said...



Ms. Y,

Good for the law! And yes, just down the road apiece. Mt. Vernon and Fredericktown schools until I moved to FL.


You would be surprised at how much support that wingnut had.