January 21, 2011

Different Various

Another funny email sent to all the librarians in the district:
"HELP! the mic is shocking the students when they touch it to try & adjust it - any suggestions?????"

I guess I'm mean because that just cracked me up.

Now there is a Kindle Lending Club.  I'll have to try it out.

No Kindle?  Here's some fun bookshelves.

The ALSC has a nice Notable Children's Books list if you can't get enough of lists.

A pet peeve: those who demonize ADHD medications.

Have a great weekend!


Sheri Doyle said...

After resisting the idea for a long time, I've decided I want a Kindle. It is the answer to my bookshelf problem. Thanks for the links!

Jim Randolph said...

Resistance is futile...

Nah, I just like reading. It took me a while as well, but I personally am very happy with it.


Terry Doherty said...

Can I say that Nook reading has helped our ADHD/Aspergers child? Thanks for pointing out the article; the comments have been most interesting!