February 16, 2011

Lawn Boy

This is just a lighthearted quick little romp, but it's so breezy and fun it's not like I'm complaining.  The main character just happens to have wide open summer and inherit a riding lawnmower right after the neighborhood yard guy runs off with somebody's wife.  He begins making money cutting yards but then just happens to run into a kid-friendly stockbroker with no cash who offers to pay him his $40 by setting up a stock portfolio.      This works better than expected and soon the kid is making more money than he knows what to do with and has employees and is unknowingly sponsoring a heavyweight fighter and on and on.

The coincidental are part of the joke and who knows, maybe the kids that read it will learn something about the stock market  Okay, not really.  If they do they'll learn absurd things and have false expectations, but then I guess that's what the stock market is all about.

I'll have to go find the second one to see what more shenanigans this kid can get himself into.

Lawn Boy

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