February 24, 2011

Ms. Yingling Reads!

And reads and read ands reads.  (I always think of the Martha Speaks theme song in my head when I think of that, but the I do have a seven-year-old).

Ms. Yingling has completed one of the coolest reading challenges you'll ever hear of.  She has finished reading all of the fiction titles in the middle school library she runs.  From Douglas Adams to Jane Zirpoli.

Of course, not only has she read all the fiction titles that the library holds, but hasn't placed a new fiction title on the shelves until she's read those as well.  So the challenge continues! (Now I'm hearing the Rocky theme song for some reason...)

Volume: Done! --Librarian Reads Entire Collection

Ms. Yingling Reads


proseandkahn said...

Congratulations! That's amazing! How long did it take and how many books did you read? Sorry if it's posted somewhere. I just recently started following. Your reader's advisory must rock! I read 98% of the YA in my library, but that's a very small part of my collection. The regular fiction section is huge! (Even after a vigorous weed.)


Jim Randolph said...


Wasn't me, it was Ms. Yingling over at her own blog (links on the post). It took 9 year, but that's because she's also reading everything new that comes in. She reads around three hours a day.