December 16, 2011

Somebody Really Likes Me

library science degree Well at first I thought they can't have very high standards if they let me win one, but then I see that I somehow sneaked onto a list with the likes of Cathy Jo Nelson, Buffy Hamilton, Travis Jonkers, Mrs. Yingling, Leigh Ann Jones, Mr. Schu, Diane Cordell, and Jacquie Henry--mentors and teaching ninjas all.

I don't know who came up with the list, if there was voting or if they're just hawking their teaching degree site but it's always nice to be recognized and it's an honor to be listed in such high company. Lately I've found myself more interested in writing about my reading than my librarianship, but I'll endeavor to correct that in the upcoming year. I usually write my more librarian-related stuff on the GLMA website who has an amazing stable of contributors you will learn much from.

So thank you for the honor, whoever you are, and I will now walk out of my office to accept the challenge of an even bigger honor--helping kids find the right book to read and getting to be their school librarian.