December 17, 2011

Under the Christmas Tree

So one day a couple weeks ago my daughter had an overnight friend.  I was here at my desk and noticed it was quiet.  Maybe too quiet.  So I thought I better check on these girls.  I poked around and didn’t find them until I noticed these under the Christmas tree:
See them?  Those are their feet.  I leaned over the couch in the living room to get this next shot:
Yup.  That’s them.  They had tucked themselves under the tree and even gotten pillows so they could be down there reading for a while.  I think Harper had instigated this activity because she wants her friend to catch up with her on the Sister’s Grimm series.  One day when I picked her up from her friends house I asked her what they’d been playing.  “Sister’s Grimm,” she said.  “But we can only play from the first book because that’s the one she’s on.  I don’t want to give anything away.”

They’re nuts, but lovable and mostly harmless.