April 6, 2012

Hermione's Birthday

Welcome to Harper's 9th birthday party!  Pick up your cauldron, class schedule scrolls, homemade ink, quill, and satchel of wizard coins and gather for the sorting.

What's your first class?  Potions?

Next?  Divinations with Madame Trelwany (after wand decorating)...

Now for Transfigurations!  Turn a clay cup into any animal.

Now on to Harper's Sweet Shop & Companion Emporium! Time to spend those sickles and knuts...
With a full cauldron, say goodbye to Harper and go off into the magical evening wondering what she will come up with next year...
Happy Birthday Hermione!
"It was awesome!"

And I didn't even mention the food!  The home made cauldron cakes, cockroach clusters, chocolate frogs, chocolate-covered wands, pumpkin pasties and so much more.  Mmmmm...


Ms. Yingling said...

Wow. The best I ever did was the pbj sandwiches that looked like the seaside with teddy grahams on fruit roll up towels. My daughter is SO jealous. You definitely win some kind of parenting award!

Unknown said...

Awesome. I wish I were close enough to be invited. How ever will you top this year?

shannon said...

This looks like it was awesome! I'd like to do this for Granger in a few years.

Jim Randolph said...

Ms. Y,
I just made the potions labels, ran the Potions class and followed orders. It's my party-making spouse who deserves all the credit!

We definitely don't try to top it every year. The HP theme was something they were both into.

Let me know when and I can send you all the planning sheets!

Thanks all,