April 7, 2012

More on HP Party and GCBAC

I just want to make sure it's clear that I had very little to do with that awesome HP party.  I just followed orders.  It was my lovely bride that came up with everything and let that become her hobby for about three months.  My main contribution was the labels for all the "potions" and running the Potions Class.  I was Socrates Slinkhard, the new Potions Professor.  Here's one of my labels:

I just used a few fancy fonts and some clip art.  Annette got the scroll-like paper at an office supply shop and collected interesting bottles for months.  The secret is to use spray adhesive for the bottle labels.

And there was another thing I wanted to share about the GA Children's Book Award Conference.  On the first day there wasn't any 3:00 breakout sessions I was interested in, so I decided to check out the less crowded vendor area.  On my way through the autographing area I noticed that all of the authors and illustrators were there!  Just sitting there chatting.  I scurried to the temporary book shop and stocked up, then made my way to get some stuff signed.  It was great not having to worry about a line, that's for sure.  Then I thought I'd take some pictures with my new fancy phone but an idea hit me.  I could do videos with this thing!  So I asked each one if they'd mind saying a few words to the students in my school as a greeting for my morning show.  They were more than happy to do it!  The results were a bit shaky and the sound isn't that good but I played a different one each morning for the next week and the teachers who paid attention loved it.

I think I'll try to contact one of the conference organizers and tell them about this.  They could set up a camera and mic on a tripod in a corner, drape a background and have each participant say a short morning message to the students of Georgia.  Then a link to these video files could be available to any media specialist who wanted them.  Wouldn't that be cool?

If you want to see the results, here's some of the links:

Carole Boston Weatherford busted out with a poem!

Barbara O'Connor calls me awesome, so that's my favorite.

Meghan McCarthy did one but it didn't come out that well.

If you steal this idea, you might want to have some kind of a tripod and an external mike.  And don't try it if there's a line!  Have fun.