July 29, 2012


When we moved in to the house we're in now our daughter was eighteen months old.  The lady in the pictures above became our new neighbor and a proxy grandmother for our little girl.  Her name is Annette.  She is great.  She grows her own tomatoes and other things.  Her yard and gardens are immaculate.  She grows beautiful roses.  She is forever giving us special desserts and food and other little treats.  She makes her own jellies and jams that are to die for.

Since Harper has been taking piano lessons the last couple of years, our neighbor Annette has been getting back into her own piano playing.  It's great to see them share music and play together.  For past gifts we've had her piano tuned, gotten her a metronome and a music light.  

It's a special relationship they have and it's been a joy to watch it grow over the years.

Happy 90th birthday, Annette!