November 11, 2012

I Dare Ya! I Double Dare Ya!

"We Double DOG
 Dare ya!"
That most wonderful time of the year is quickly going to be upon us.  Time to prepare!  It's the TBR Double Dog Dare!

It last from January 1 to April 1 (but you can set your own parameters).  The main idea is to help you thin out your To Be Read pile.  I personally have a spreadsheet with over 70 books listed, but I probably actually own (or have requested from the library) around only 30 all together. Not too crazy. I will be making exceptions for my two book clubs, but my face to face book club is picking all the 2013 books later this month, so I should be able to have those first few in hand come January 1, thereby sticking to the Dare.  The Sword & Laser club is virtual, so not as much pressure, but if they pick good books those months I will make exceptions for them.  Who knows, I may luck out and they'll pick something I've already read like they did this coming December (The Hobbit).

I like the TBR Double Dog Dare because it's not strictly a reading challenge and hey, it's all books I already picked, right?  It's just that extra kick in the kiester to slow down thebook buying and get to the book reading.  Actually, there's no rule that you can't still buy books during the Dare, but you just have to put off reading them until after April Fools.  Which somehow seems appropriate.

I'm actually pretty patient, so if any amazing books come out over the next couple of months, I'd be waiting for them to come in paperback anyway.  I do sometimes snap up Kindle Daily and Monthly Deals because hey, $1.99 and $3.99 books?  Can't go wrong with those.  But if I get any of them during the months in questions, you can be sure I won't be reading them until 4/2/13.

So how about it?  Got a few books you've been meaning to get to but neve do?  The time is coming to make time for them.  Sign up here: The TBR Double Dog Dare at Ready When You Are, C.B.