January 25, 2013

Gearing Up for the Tarzan Book Club Meeting

We're having this month's book club meeting over at one of the member's houses this time and making a feast of it.  We read the original Tarzan. Some of the emails during the lead up to this event have been too god not to share:

SM: "Are we serving bush meat?"

AK: "That date would be as perfect as a chimp with a pooper scooper!"

RS: "Please bring your favorite loincloth, as there will be a fight for king of the book club.  If this is your first meeting, you have to fight."

ES: "At least no one should violate the first rule of Tarzan Fight Club if we're properly in character."

AK: "First rule of Tarzan Fight Club is you throw your own feces!"

RB: "I'll bring a vegetable side dish."