January 24, 2013

Reading Positions?

Reading Position Level: Asian
Do you have a favorite reading position?  I was wondering because an online discussion I came across recently was all about whether or not to read in bed.  Like it's an option!  Of course you have to read in bed!  At least for a little while.  Don't you?

Well, I do.

Now I understand that it can be an issue with a light and a bed partner but there are so many ways to read (even on your phone for crying out loud) that I'm sure you can come up with some answer for that one.

Many people don't like that they end up bashing themselves in the face when they start to nod off.  I've dealt with that one for sure.  That's just one of the many reasons paperbacks are much superior to hardbacks.  And to be honest most paperbacks are lighter than my Kindle Paperwhite.  But for some reason I haven't clunked myself with that yet.

I have a "reading chair" next to my desk at home but don't actually spend hours and hours there.  I tend to squirrel around in it and if I stay in one weird position too long I will get a serious nerve pinch in my back.

So I tend to go for a couch if I have a choice.  You can flop around in many different positions and go prone if needed (though that can lead to a snooze, admittedly).

What about you? Do you have a favorite place/position to read in?