January 17, 2013

Underground New York Library Project

I've heard of the UNYPL of course--I think every librarian has by now--but I wanted to post a link to it here anyway for the few of you who had missed it and just as a reminder to me to check it more often.  It's somehow soothing?  heartening? to see all these readers at once.

I am also jealous of anyone who has reliable public transportation and can spend those hours I waste driving, READING.  I know, I listen to audio books but it's just not the same.  I have high hopes for those driverless cars Google is working on.

Here's a pic on took on the NY subway sometime last century...
...but then mobile devices weren't so big a deal and it was a no-brainer to get shots like this.

(thanks to mahilly for reminding me of the link)


Mrs. Silverstein said...

I had such a love/hate thing going with my commute when I lived in NYC. On the one hand, I got so much good, dedicated reading time--which it's hard to carve out at home, even when you're not that busy--but on the other hand, there was the feeling I got after teaching all day, then staying for a late rehearsal or long grading session, and I realized that even walking out of the building I was still an hour away from being on my couch with dinner and TV. (But a driving commute! I have so much sympathy. I think that will always be a dealbreaker for me, even if/when I learn to drive now that I'm out of the city.)

Beth said...

My audio book reading is complicated by my kids wanting to hear the story. For a while I had 4 CDs of books in the car, depending on who was in with me. Not much fun if most of your time is spent figuring out where you stopped. I think I need an app for that.

Jim Randolph said...

Mrs. S,
An hour is bad, but it'd be worse in a car I think. I've never had much more than 35 minutes, so I'm lucky on that score.

I get them from the library and take the time to burn them into itunes. There's a system I found in which you make each disk one track and mark them to pick up where they left off. Then make the whole book one play list. If you had more than one book going, it would pick up right where it left off on each of them and would be nice for you in that regard. But it does take a bit of time up front. I love it, though. Don't have to worry about disks or due dates or any of that.