March 28, 2013

TableTop Day Is Coming!

This March 30th is International TableTop Day!  TableTop is a Youtube show on the Geek&Sundry network.  There are some of the videos on the TableTop Day web page linked to the image at left.

It's hosted by Wil Wheaton and in every episode he and some geeky friends play a table top game.  He gives a brief rundown of the rules and the shows are edited to give a sense of game play and strategy without having to watch over an hour of people playing a game.  It's fun and a great way to find out if you think you or your family and friends might like one of the games.

To celebrate the end of the first season and the upcoming 2nd season, they have declared March 30th International TableTop Day!  Check out the website for more info.  Basically you're supposed to play games that day.  But you can register your event at the site and get some stuff.  Or you could check out the map of events and join others at a game shop or other event and make a social event of it.  Apparently at some of these events they're giving away more free stuff, including some of the games.

Now my daughter's 10th birthday is March 30th.  (Yes, her birthday is 03-30-03.  And no, I don't use that for a combination for anything!  Too obvious!)  So she's all about this happening on her birthday.  What's funny to me is she's only seen one episode, the Wits & Wagers Family Edition, and one promotional video about this, the one featuring Grant Imahara, and she's totally there.

We actually won't be joining any events because for her birthday we've booked a cabin up in North GA for some outdoor fun with her and some friends.  But she's making sure to pack Wits&Wagers, Jenga, and some card games for the big day.

So go, sign up, and play more games!

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