April 2, 2013

What a Weekend!

So we too the little one (who is TEN now!  Not so little!) up to North GA for her birthday.  We decided to do that because she's awesome and did't ask for anything for her birthday!  She got plenty of stuff, but there wasn't anything she really wanted.  Taking her up there was the right move.  For the last hour of the drive she just wanted to roll down the window and watch the changing landscape.  She was in a state of just pure delight.  That didn't stop once we were there.  She loved hiking, playing around the water, going on a hay ride, just everything.  We stayed at a cabin in Unicoi State Park and visited Anna Ruby Falls as well.  The weather was better than we expected, so fun was had by all.

On Saturday night, as promised, we played table top games for the first International Tabletop Day!  We went with another family and at first one of their boys was like, "I don't like those games.  Only electronic."  But he was the one that convinced us to have a second round of Wits & Wagers Family Edition!

And books!  Don't forget about books.  It was Easter weekend so My Lovely Bride put together some nice baskets for Harper and the boys.  Included with the treats and toys were one fun book per kid she picked up at the book fair.  You DO put books into your Easter baskets, DON'T YOU?

Did that just say...bears!?