April 5, 2013

So I Got A New Job

I'll be moving to a different school next year.  In reality I have no idea how it will go, but it feels like it'll be a good fit.  I've worked with the principal before and the interview was casual and interesting.  She's worked for a few different schools in the district but this is the first time she's had to hire a Media Specialist.  She printed out an out-of-date list of recommended interview questions for a Media Specialist candidate while I was there and one of them was, "How comfortable would you say you are with the internet" [italics are my own].  Quite comfortable, actually!

The great thing she did was ask me to come back a week later and be interviewed by some other staff members and when I showed up she was not one of the staff members.  The bookkeeper took notes and there were, let me see, a K teacher, a 4th grade teacher, the Literacy Coach, the ESOL teacher, the Math Specialist, and the LSTC (Computer/Tech guru) who ran the meeting.  It was a far-ranging discussion but we had to keep it moving in the interest of time.  They had plenty of good questions and concerns for me and it seemed way less artificial than most interview situations I've been in.

Maybe it's because I'm mostly happy where I already am, but I wasn't very nervous.  I didn't have to try to be myself with them and joked around a lot.  They seemed to enjoy it but being funny can sometimes make people take you less seriously.  I knew they had other candidates to interview, so I wasn't expecting to hear back until the end of the week and as fun as it was,  I didn't really know how it went over.

The next morning I heard from my new/old principal.  She said I was the only candidate they unanimously voted on so how could she not offer me the job?  And how could I not take the job?

Now when I worked with this principal at a different school, the Media Specialist was a woman named Kristie.  She was (and is) amazing.  She went with this principal to open up this new school in 2009.  But her husband (happily for them) got a job in another state.  When I first got into library school I mentioned how awesome I thought she was.  So I'll be following a former mentor in the field.  That's another thing that will make this a special (and humbling) experience for me.

Now I have to start packing up the wreck my office has become.  Time to weed my own stuff!