May 13, 2013

Countdown to Summer...

SEVEN days left with students!  Then two teacher work days.  "Work" here is loosely defined for my part.

I'm almost finished packing my office.  I still have my calendar on the wall, my water bottle, my speaker dock for my iPhone/iPod, my glue gun and glue sticks and a handful of pens and such.  Less than a box to pack, for certain.

I'm simply concentrating on making what's left in here easily understood by whomever takes over the position.  So I have copies of things they'll need right away on the desk and labeled binders on the bookshelf and sticky notes on a couple of random things.

Other than that, I just have the typical end-of-year stuff to do.  Making room for all the classroom stuff that will come back like document cameras and things.  Shelving the million books coming in.  Taking payments on the lost ones.  Repairing the beaten ones and deleting the ones that are too far gone.  Shifting sections to accommodate the books coming back that don't usually ever take up shelf space, like the K section in fiction for Jeff Kinney.

I'm trying to hold off on thinking too much about my new position until I'm finished with this one, but it's difficult.  I'm so ready to start!  I'll probably be over there the day after Memorial Day if they'll let me in the building.  There's so much to learn about the place and so much to do!

Friday will be our last 4th/5th grade book club meeting.  It'll be mostly a party with free frozen yogurt and books.  Woo Hoo!

What are your summer plans?


Ms. Yingling said...

First, the 48 hour book challenge June 7-9, then running, reading and writing! I'm shifting shelves a bit, too. Three years ago when we renovated, I had one or two James Patterson books, so things do need to move. You musthave kept things beautifully clean if it's closing uo so well!

Jim Randolph said...

Ms. Y:

Well, I had too much crap in my office, but I've been taking a box or two home every afternoon for a month or so. But yeah, I've done a pretty good job of keeping the media center weeded and cleaned up. I'm actually leaving a weeding list on my desk in hopes that my predecessor continues to update the collection!