May 17, 2013

Three Days Left!

Just one more week of school.  Three days with students, two "post-planning."

I have learned a valuable lesson this week.  We usually do two book fairs a year, but I always feel bad that there are a few days in which we're not checking out books.  So we are having one of Scholastic's Buy-One-Get-One Free book fairs.

Now I know of two other schools that do this but they just have them open for parents and teachers, not students.  I thought that was weird and kept mine open for the kids as well.

Never again.

Now I understand their reasoning.  Kids, even 5th graders, just don't get this concept.  They make the worst choices or try to get the more expensive book for free. Or some such nonsense.  It's just too hard to get across to kids how to deal with this.  Not all of them.  A few of them are okay.  But for most of them, it's too difficult and it would be killing the clerk and I if it were busier than it is.

Luckily we can close it up Monday.  Whew!

I'm 99.99% moved out.  I have like three things left to grab on my way out next week.  Everything else is boxed up and sharing space with the lawnmower out in the shed.

I'm just hoping to be able to get into my new school on the 28th.

Our last book club meeting was this morning.  I decided, instead of buying frozen yogurt, to just do our normal donut holes and CapriSuns thing, then I also bought them ice cream for their lunch.  It's funny because I only bought enough ice cream tickets for the ones that actually showed up today.  The other half dozen or so were bummed, but I did give them a free book.  Somehow I always end up with a few books after every book fair.  They're usually things someone ordered and never picked up.  Or something.  Anyway, I whipped out that box of books and let each kid have a free one.  The stragglers who didn't get ice cream still got a free book if they came to see me today.  So that was cool.